Do You Want To Increase Your Instagram Audience and Engagement?

✔️Do you have an Instagram account that is a ghost town?
✔️Do you want to figure out how to get more REAL niche targeted followers on Instagram??
✔️Want to network and gain support among other Instagram Influencers??

Then you have come to the right place. Here at The Social Media Posse, we provide many resources to help you grow your engagement on your Instagram account, to help you gain more REAL niche targeted followers, and help support and build one another up.

Our community of over 37,000 experienced Instagrammers discusses many topics including Instagram growth strategies for their audiences and engagement. The community also hosts The Original Comment Pod™ Community matchmaking channel, an online marketplace for Instagram sellers and buyers, we celebrate WINS together and host monthly training sessions.

Lastly, you can always fast track your Instagram strategy, growth and engagement by seeing what others are saying about our Instagram guide and purchasing Instagram Decoded. WELCOME!



"I started with the guides in June of 2016, with just around 2,000 followers. Instagram growth always seemed impossible to me. It was my least favorite, least profitable social media account. Today, my account has grown to 64k. The course's techniques are easy to understand and have helped me to build a community of interested, niche-targeted followers. Instagram is now my "go-to" platform for forming brand relationships for sponsorship, as well as getting to know other food enthusiasts and photographers. Late last year, my first full-color feature in a print magazine came from the editor finding me on Instagram. The guides have been, hands down, one of the best investments I've made in growing my business!"

Amanda Biddle

"Testimonial: I had grown my account to 2000 really quickly and hit a wall. I bought the guides and 11x my following in just 6 months! Plus I have a deeper understanding of how Instagram works. Passing that 10k follower mark was incredible! I started getting more sponsored posts and could put links in my Instagram Story ... it was game-changing!! In the past, I had followed other people who gave vague advice ... "be genuine", "post pretty pictures". None of that works in a vacuum. These people built their following before major algo changes or they really didn't have a strategy ... they just hit upon a secret sauce but really don't know why they had success. So what they teach doesn't work. Liz has social proof that her methods in the guides work and they work now. She provides a ton of value in the guides but also works to find new solutions, tools, and strategies backed by data. She's not guessing like these other "Insta-experts". She has hard numbers and tests showing these strategies and methods WORK."

Jennifer Priest

"I'm a serial course taker/buyer. I love investing in knowledge unfortunately there is so much fluff and repurposed content put there. This is one course you will take and you won't see this material other places. It works and there is data and reasoning behind the methodologies which you rarely find with IG. I'm currently sitting at 50k+ and making a full-time income from IG alone in a year and half."

Michelle Robinson


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