Inside, we give you our step-by-step system designed to help train someone up to be your dedicated agent to help scale your brand and your bank account beyond your wildest dreams.

You've been on countless influencer network sites but they seem like dead ends.

You've pitched numerous brands.

You're not hearing back.

You'd rather be spending your valuable time creating content and not pitching.

You wonder if you're rates are a good fit. Are they too high or are they too low?

You're getting a "product exchange only" response.

You're getting "Our campaign is full at this time. Perhaps in the future."

You're getting "We only do affiliate programs with our influencers."

Your spending hours out of your day trying to monetize your influence with sponsorships and collabs but the efforts are not translating.

It's not your fault!

Here's a little secret we've learned over the years that you likely are not doing...

The best campaigns we have booked have been all about the follow-up and follow through.

Not the one time pitch with the one time turn down or the one time partnership. And definitely not through the influencer networks.

Do you give up after you get an answer from the above list and move on?

Are you good about following up when the brand says "Maybe in the spring?" and emailing them in February to get ahead of the Spring?

Remember, it's not your fault you aren't closing some of these opportunities


Friend, you need to let someone else take this on as their full dedication to your (and their) success! That has been our biggest secret to success.

We've taken everything we've seen and learned and built it into an insanely comprehensive, no-fluff, 45 module tech-tutorial loaded course, focused on getting you your next ten or more paid, sponsored posts.

We're here to help provide the tools you need to train someone up to change your whole world. To have someone be dedicated to the follow-up and follow through and not let anything slip through the cracks.

Just as we have done for ourselves over the last two years. While our audience barely grew on our social media platforms, our bank didn't reflect that.

Once we freed from our agency (in hindsight was dragging us down), and trained up someone to be our in house agent, our 110% cheerleader for our success, we 5x our income from collabs alone over the year of 2020.

In THE last 12 months alone, Liz's in house agent, Jacquie, has secured:

Now we're handing over the step-by-step system we are using to train up dedicated agents, directly to you.

While everyone is tirelessly pitching or waiting for their agent to bring them the next opportunity, you'll have someone dedicated to you strategically pitching and building long term, paying partnerships. So you can spend your time where it matters most to you.



Liz is an established influencer in the mommy niche though by day is just your normal girl next door, friend, mother, wife, sister that you'd expect. She's down to earth and loves her family. She lives a chaotic life though is very passionate about helping others succeed in the social media space.

Over the years while starting and raising a family, Liz Dean built the community, the Instagram Posse on Facebook, from the ground up to ~37k members of influencer and brands. She has been in the weeds with all things Influencing for over 5 years now.

Liz has helped over 4500 clients achieve massive successes on social media with her various social media guides.

Thanks to Jacquie's hard work, Liz has been able to 5x her influencer related income from since 2020. All of Liz's friends are constantly begging to get some help from Jacquie. And many people want to learn what Jacquie does, so here we are, finally! You can have your own Jacquie!


Jacquie has always loved research and organization; working for publishing companies, content creation for bloggers, and office managing. She also has background working as a teacher in many capacities and is passionate about helping bring out her clients fullest potential.

When Jacquie and Liz met 4 years ago, Liz saw the potential that Jacquie had from the start.  She started working as Liz’s Virtual Assistant doing various projects and tasks for Liz's business and brand. 

After a year, Liz taught her the basics of pitching brands directly, and through network platforms, but soon Jacquie moved into a rhythm and style all her own that gets noticed by brands. Liz and Jacquie worked closely together trying out different ways to get greater results.

After 1 year working part time as Liz’s In-House Agent 5-10 hours a week,  she moved to closer to 15-20 hours a week after seeing the potential that commissions bring. Some of her biggest brand deals include Pottery Barn, Otterbox, Butcherbox, Hertz, Mane and Tail, and more.

Determined and persistent follow thru has paid off.  She loves having a dedicated partnership with Liz, and loves the freedom, flexibility and financial gains that this job brings.




Intro to Influencer Marketing, Intro to Influencer Agent, Value in Helping Influencers Pitch & Negotiate Deals to Brands






Pitch Yourself, Interview Prep and Questions to Ask, Negotiating Your Own Rates and Commissions, Non Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement, Agent & Influencer Contract, Congrats! You're Hired! What's next?, Influencer Agent Google Drive Shell (Includes Bonuses 2 & 5), Create a Plan with Your Influencer, About Vacations & Trips, Where to Find the Opportunities, Finding Hot Leads in Bulk with Automation (Jarvee) *THE GOLDEN NUGGET*, How to Start Earning Money for Your Influencer Right Away (With Jarvee) and BONUS #4, Finding The Correct Contact, Media Kits & Template, Rates



The Pitch, Templates - (Worked With The Brand Previously, Response to Product Exchange Trial, Response to Low Engagement Rate, December Email Template for Q1 Bookings (Include Q1 Media Kit), Send in Q3 for Q4 Collabs, Reshoot / No Contract Response, Declining Affiliate Offers, Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special For Repeat Brands, End of Campaign Follow-Up), Understanding Negotiating, Rights & Exclusivity, Closing the Deal, Deadlines & Deliverables, Influencer/Brand Contract, FTC Rules & Importance of Helping Double Check Your Influencer's Work, Managing the Campaign for Your Influencer, Follow-Up After Posting, Collaboration Tracking, Tracking Down Payments & Getting Paid, In House Agent Tasks and Maintenance, Inbox Organization, Tracking Time & Invoicing, Getting Paid


If you purchase today, you will get the below bonuses included in your purchase. (deadlines for purchase before bonus expires lists out below).


Bonus #1:

Access for 2 People To Our Private Influencer Agent Academy Facebook Group For One Year. One for you and one for your agent. ($999 Value)

Join Liz, Jacquie and the community of other influencers and dedicated agents in a private Facebook Group to help answer questions more in detail.

Bonus #2:

List of 100+ Influencer Networks ($99 Value) 

Tick them off one by one and make sure your influencer is represented on every one for maximum exposure opportunities

Bonus #3:

The Golden Nugget Pitch List For Your Influencer ($399 Value) Done For You By Us

Give us a list of 20-50 Competitors For Your Influencer and We Will Grab all of the brands mentioned in their sponsored posts for you and provide it in an Excel document with emails if applicable

Bonus #4:

Repeat Sponsored Post List for Your Influencer For Lead Gen ($99 Value) Done for You By Us

We will grab all of your influencers' previous sponsored posts and pull out the companies he/she has worked with multiple times and provide you a template to get started pitching them with.

Bonus #5:

Influencer Agent Google Drive Shell ($299 Value)

This is your framework to work out of every day, month and year. It has all of the folders, the worksheets for your influencer, organization and more.

Bonus #6:

Email Accountability Series - We’ll pop into your inbox to help motivate you and push you along through reading, absorbing and implementing this guide.

We answer some recent additional FAQs and address any recent changes that may have occurred to the platform referenced in the guides or strategies taught in the guides.

Total Value in Bonuses: $2,894

Now, we know you are skeptical. This is the feedback we get in MANY of our testimonials before reading and implementing the guides. They detail that they felt burned after taking other courses from “experts”. The have paid much higher prices for courses that provided nebulous information that is generally provided in free posts you can google online. We know you will not find a large portion of the unique info we provide in this course by Googling. It took us years to come up with some of the strategies and streamlined processes we provide in this course.

To our credit, we have helped pair up influencer and agents in our beta group. They have just started 2 weeks ago and are already booking collaborations! We also have over 4,500 clients of our Instagram Decoded course and over 50,000 on our email list of influencers and brands alike!


What’s the difference in our course from ALL of the others?


We will TEACH someone who has little to no knowledge of the industry how the industry works and how to be an influencer's biggest cheerleader and dedicated agent!


The Influencer Agent Academy provides you with step-by-step instructions to train someone up to find opportunities, to pitch, to negotiate (even down to rights & exclusivity), to close, to track down payments and to facilitate long term partnership deals to meet your business goals as an influencer.


We built this course specifically to help you find someone and give them the tools to train up to be your biggest cheerleader and dedicated agent. This course is not developed for an influencer directly, though an influencer can take it and gain a ton of value. This course is built for someone who wants to work with an influencer and help contribute to their success (and their own bank account's success).


Yeah, I thought so. ​​​​​​​

Let’s put some strategy behind those words. 



"Like Liz says, agencies just aren't worth it. I signed onto an agency exclusively and in six months they barely brought me any campaigns. And I lost out on a few things that I sent their way, and I may have actually lost money after that and the cut they took! Liz was always raving about Jacquie's efforts and I knew I needed her. I kept bugging Liz to see if Jacquie had any hours she could give me too. It's funny, I think my friend and I may have helped push them to do this course by bugging the crap out of them. I have been the #1 purchaser of Liz's courses and services over the years and fully back her up in anything she does. I have witnessed first hand Jacquie’s work too. These two are hard working, caring people. Liz and Jacquie do want to help others in similar situations, but they only have so much time in a day. So this course made perfect sense and I'm so happy to see it packaged up and ready for everyone else. When I started with my agent who was trained up by Liz and Jacquie, she knew exactly what to do and had so many more strategies and things prepared for that I didn't even think about (and that says alot, I've been in the space for 6 years). I was WAY too busy to even know where to start with training someone up and so thankful for this information. I’ve said for years that I wanted to pitch to companies and and try to get more collabs with my favorite brands but I never have the time! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to lean on an agent who has learned all of Liz and Jacquie’s strategies. Now I can focus on the part of I love – creating content and engaging with my community – rather than working through contracts and writing pitches!"


"Like most women, I'm super busy and love working to support my family. I felt like I was drowning when it came to monetizing with brands. Liz introduced me to the concept of an in-house agent right around the time I was starting to take things more seriously and interviewing with agencies. I learned from her mistakes, and decided to follow the route of training up my own in-house agent with her strategies and techniques. My agent has completely changed my world. She does all of the research, outreach, negotiaiton and organization for me, so I can focus on content creation, PR opportunities and more. My agent trained herself up and then we were able to hit the ground running! In her first month she booked me 5 campaigns, 2 which are multi month 5 figure campaigns! I love that our incentives are aligned, if I win, she wins, and vice versa. Not only does she book me deals and helps with the negotiating I hate doing, she does all of the tasks I would expect a real agency to do (but hear that they don't). I'm glad I didn't have to find out the hard way and started off on the right foot with Liz & Jacquie's training. Since their training, I've turned down TWO agency offers, and not looking back. SO GRATEFUL to these ladies! I highly recommend this course, especially coming from two experts in the field with proven track records! Think about all the things we spend money on with no return on investment. This course will reap benefits and pay you dividends for years and years to come, no matter what direction you chose to go. This course is about making money first and foremost, yes. However, at its core it's about developing your skill set and mindset so that you have the confidence to pursue opportunities, close them, know your worth and build a career you always dreamt of! Your life will change! "

Influencer - @zibalennox

"I was tired of finding the MLM type of WFH jobs or low paying jobs. This is the REAL deal. Given I have limited hours to work per week with my children at home I wanted to maximize the ROI of my time. And being an agent for my influencer has done just that. I not only make an hourly wage, but I also make commission on what I book my influencer. The sky is the limit! I make almost half of what my husband makes now and I only work 10 hours a week for my influencer! It's a huge huge help to my family and I absolutely love when we close deals. It's such a rush!"

Influencer Agent



1 PAYMENT OF $1397

1 Payment of $1,197




Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Over 4,500+ people have purchased and use the guides.  We believe our success is because we TEACH step by step how to get things done. And, the results prove it!

We wish we could tell you that Influencer Agent Academy would absolutely "work," but we can't. There is no magical pill that will bring you business success. YOU are the only one who gets to decide if it will work. If you're willing to take radical action, trust the process, and work through all the phases, you will get results (and quickly)!

Yes and No. This course comes with a bonus (The Golden Nugget!) and that bonus requires a tool Jarvee which runs at $29.95/month and works on a Windows operating system (No Macs) only for 10 accounts. The amount of manual work and hours upon hours this tool will save you is hands down so worth it. We will explain more in this guide.

As with any automation and social media site, you should review Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. The actions provided in this guide are based on years of automating and are safe based on YOUR account's age, your account's current actions and which type of IP address you will be setting it up on. We explain all of this in this guide.

*NOTE: Jarvee does not work on Apple products.

No. Don't commit to this unless you're ready to follow through.

No. This course is designed and written for someone who doesn't know too much about social media or influencing. It has beginner strategies to expert level strategies. All will be taught along the way!

We get it! Who has extra money laying around in their bank account?! I know none of our past students did. The truth is, when you choose to invest in Influencer Agent Academy, you're deciding that you are no longer available to wait and wish and hope for the life of your dreams. You are choosing to be the hero of your story, instead of a victim. Right now, Influencer Agent Academy is as cheap as it will ever be, and there is even a payment option. By joining Influencer Agent Academy, you are choosing to make a business investment now so that you will be able to make an even bigger return in the future! The investment will never be comfortable, but when you begin making decisions as if failure isn't an option, everything in your life will change. It's so much easier for others to feel confident investing in you when you have invested in yourself. We always see investing in ourselves as a one step back, ten steps forward type of ordeal. Email [email protected] for a list of unique ways to find the money.

We get asked all of the time where to start looking for your Influencer Agent. We understand, some of you may not be as lucky to meet yours at your neighborhood park like how Jacquie and Liz met, but who knows, maybe you will be!

If you don't want to wait around and want to look for motivated individuals ready to go, here are our Top 5 places to start looking for your Dedicated Influencer Agent:

  1. Influencer Agent Posse Facebook Group. Those who have taken this course and not yet matched with an influencer are hanging out in there.
  2. Where else should you look other than your raving fans? Post to your stories and tell them you are looking for someone to help you!
  3. Virtual Assistant Savvies Facebook Group - - All of these people are in the mindset of being a virtual assistant and actively looking for clients. They likely have many of the skills needed (Excel, Professional Communication, etc) to be a Rockstar influencer agent. Just make sure you can get them to commit to working solely for you.
  4. Local Town Facebook Groups - If you can't meet them at the park, you can meet them online. Search Facebook for your town name in the groups section.
  5. Local College Job Boards - You can post on these and find someone that has interest in your niche to help you out!
    #virtualassistant hashtags - Search the hashtag and you may find some qualified individuals posting on social media there!
  6. You can stalk audiences of certain companies (PR companies, etc) and snag some of their interns or entry level employees 😜
Disclaimer: All clients of Influencer Agent Decoded will be entered into an e-mail sequence which helps motivate you to absorb, digest and act on the course. The email sequence goes to the email on file for the purchase and cannot be changed on our end. If you would like it to go to a different email address, please setup a forward rule in your email’s inbox to forward to the email address you’d like it to go to. Communications will come from [email protected]. We do NOT recommend you to unsubscribe if you do not wish to see these emails. Instead, delete and move on. If we offer any other perks in the future for our paid clients, if you unsubscribe from our email list, you will not see the notices and not be able to claim any of the perks by manually emailing us for it. Apologies.

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