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How To Write Your Instagram Captions with Artificial Intelligence in Seconds

captions Aug 19, 2021

I'll be honest, I find it difficult to write good captions for my own photos. Especially after having done this for SIX years. I'm fresh out of ideas, inspo and creative ideas often. I find myself hung up on submitting drafts to brands because I can't find the motivation to write the caption. It's brutal!

Captions are supposed to add context to the photo and give it a story. With limited time and little writing inspiration, Instagram captions can be a daunting task!

Move over lack of inspo and motivation!

Now, with the help of a artificial intelligence, we can generate captions for your  Instagram photos in seconds.

Here's how to do it and try it for yourself:

1. Create an account at text.cortex

2. Scroll down to write with TextCortex on the left hand menu.

3. Click "Auto Complete Sentences"

4. Tell it what to write about. Start it with "Write an Instagram caption for" and finish it with detailed info about what it's supposed to be about.

5. End it with a :

6. Pick the length you want it to be on the slider

7. Pick the level of creativity you want behind it on the slider.

8. Click "Generate Possible Text"

If your result isn't spot on the first time, don't get flustered. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. Sometimes it's not the artificial intelligence bot that is making the issue, though it could be how you're writing it in.

Tip: Remember, it's important for the artificial intelligence to truly understand what it's writing about or the product you are marketing.

For instance, a search for "Write an Instagram post for Sunday Lawn Care from an influencer mom with kids and a pet:" returned 0 results versus "Write an Instagram post for Sunday Lawn Care Liquid from an influencer mom with kids and a pet" returned a great result.

Here are some examples that worked well for us:

"Write an instagram caption for Blix Electric Bikes talking about using the bike to take the kids to school drop off:"

If you want something a bit more blog styled than caption styled, you can also use the "Generate Blog Article" on the left hand side of the menu screen. This can sometimes be a bit better if you have specific keyword and targets that you need (Ahem, brands and their "briefs/guidelines").

Here you will enter the title. Let's say I am doing a post for Blix Bikes, the previous example. But I want specific keywords in it. "Electric, easy, soccer, school drop off, busy mom, easy, fun, eco-friendly"

Here is the title: Ideas on How To Use Blix Electric Bikes With Your Kids

Here is the result Text.Cortex gave me

Do you have kids? Are you a busy mom? If so, then you might be interested in the idea of using an electric bike to drop off your kids at school and soccer practice.

The benefits include:

-You can have more time to spend with your kids before they need to leave for school or sports.

-It's easier than running around town. Getting an electric bike will allow you to ride your bike with your kids to school, soccer practice, etc. without having to take the car and park it or use public transportation.

-If you're a mom, it can be difficult to stay fit if you work and have kids (especially if your kids are young). An electric bike is easier on your joints than running or jogging and will give you that exercise that is so important for moms to stay healthy.

-If you're a busy mom, an electric bike will help you get to work on time and then pick up your kids from school or practice. -You can have fun riding along with your kids if you have an electric bike.

-The electric bike will allow you to exercise and get some fresh air after a long day at work without having to schedule time for exercise.

-An electric bike will help you save money on gas since you won't need to drive as much.

-You'll be helping the environment by not wasting gas and by not driving as much. The less you drive, the less gas is wasted, thus helping the environment.

To learn more about Blix Bikes, click the link in my bio.

Circle back and add in the brand mentions and hashtags required and any of your own voice or spin on it. Don't forget FTC rules too. Then you enter in an discount codes or links you may have and viola!

Your Instagram post caption is complete in seconds!

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