Instagram URL Tracking and Redirect : GoDaddy and HostGator

Uncategorized May 08, 2018

As we mention throughout the guides and email challenge, tracking the click-throughs from Instagram to your blog or whichever link you are promoting is important because brands care about the cold, hard numbers about the conversions from the campaigns.

When you do a sponsored post for a brand, you should follow-up with links to all the posts across social media channels as well as the numbers of likes, comments, click-throughs to the blog (if there is a correlating blog post which most brands want).

The URL that you input in your Instagram profile will not show up in Google Analytics unless you add in Google Tracking Parameter.


  1. Login to Godaddy.
  2. Go to Hosting
  3. Click the Green Manage Button next to the domain name you want to do this on.
  4. Go to File Manager in the green bar across the top
  5. Click on the Public_HTML Folder
  6. Click +File in the top left
  7. Name it ig.html  (You can name it whatever you want, but ig.html is nice and short)
  8. Click...
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